Allrider’s Philosophy
All-Riders wants to introduce bike riders from all over the world to the enjoyable off-road riding experiences that can be found on the magical island of Ibiza and the Moroccan Sahara.

All-Riders is aware of the fact that every rider has his or her own style, level and experience. With this in mind, All-Riders will offer each and everyone a personally tailored holiday.    We also have the option of 4x4 Jeeps for those that wish to enjoy the trip but are unable to ride a motorcycle.  In this way we include the possibility to bring your partner or family on the adventure. All the tours will be guided by Shlomo Momi Bahalul.

Our next coming tours

Sahara Experience :

April 2014, 12th until 19th

May 2014, 4th until 12th


Ibiza Experience : open all year long.




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The all powerfull and superior bike of KTM is a delight to ride. With max torque and ease to handle.

This bike is most probably the best rider in the sand for less experienced riders, as it is smooth, kind and still powerfull.

What do we offer?

Allriders can customise a ride to suit your needs, budgets and time availability. Please contact us with your requirements. P.O.A.

Group Discounts
Refundable Damage Deposit

Please note that all the normal wear and tear of the bikes is included in the Total Tour Price. In addition, all the bikes will be serviced as required. To deal with potential significant damages to the bike, we require that every rider lodges a Refundable Motorcycle Damage Deposit prior to starting the tours, by Credit Card.

Experience needed ?

Allriders welcomes all riders, no matter your style, level or experience. To ensure your tour goes smoothly please ensure you have the following prior to your arrival on the island.


  • Motorcycle Licence - A valid Spanish or International Licence is required for ALL riders.
  • Valid Medical Health Insurance
  • Credit Card for the Refundable Motorcycle Damage Deposit

Contact Us
Shlomo Momy Bahalul

Momi  +34 626-122-449

Uri      +972 50 -780 - 9394