All Riders wants to introduce bike riders from all over the world to the enjoyable off-road experience on the magical island of Ibiza and the Moroccan Sahara.

All-Riders is aware of the fact that every rider in the world has his or her own style, level and experience. With this in mind, All-Riders will offer each and everyone a personally tailored holiday. Therefore, this also includes the possibility to bring you partner along on this captivating expedition. All the tours will be guided by Shlomo Momi Bahalul.

Nothing beats experience

Shlomo Momi Bahalul raced for nine years in the Super Sport 600 class in the Netherlands and has been an instructor for one of the finest race schools of Holland. Now living in Ibiza, he has been exploring the island by means of Enduro riding and cross-country rides. As a result, he knows all the best trails and locations on the island of Ibiza.  Since 2006 he has led many groups into the Moroccan Sahara. Shlomo speaks English, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish. With such experience he is confident in offering all the assistance and support one may need to improve one´s riding skills while having fun doing it.

Full support

Every excursion will be accompanied by a support vehicle with an experienced mechanic and driver. Not only can this vehicle transport all the motorcycles but can also drive all the riders when necessary. For instance, if the rain is hindering the ride, or if one rider is tired or injured they can be transported to the next stage of the trip. Also, a partner that does not ride can travel along with the vehicle.