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Please read the following information to get a clearer idea of the trip offered in Morocco. It is our pleasure to offer this well blended mix of adventure, stunning scenery,and luxury accommodation that can be enjoyed by a wide range of abilities and preferences.


All hotels and eating facilities have been checked by our personal staff to guarantee the highest level of comfort and care possible while considering the isolated areas we travel through. Morocco is completely safe and very well developed to suit all levels of travelers.


Tour Options:

I.Jeep drivers (max 16 drivers)

II.Motorbike Easy (max 10 riders)

III.Motorbike Fast (max 10 riders)


The total group will exist of a variety of 25 to 35 drivers and riders




Group I. Jeeps

Group I and II will be riding the same trajectory, somewhat relaxed with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.

This means 3 to 4 people driving in turns through a variety of back country areas, 150-200 kilometres per day. Sand, stones, rivers, paths, little villages and mountainous tracks are all covered in the route. The days are broken up by  short breaks in scenic areas as well as a longer lunch break.


Group II. Motor riders Easy

Group I and II will be riding the same trajectory, somewhat relaxed with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.

This means a group of riders that will ride smo othly and in general, more easily through the same variety of terrains, like dunes, paths, open plains and villages. Staying together, stopping at places worthwhile and determining their own rhythm is what is paramount to this group.

Anyone having some motorbike skills will enjoy this option to the maximum.



Group III. Motor Riders fast

Group III is for the adrenaline seekers on the trip as well as highly experienced riders who wish to challenge themselves. They will be riding together but at a faster pace and on a route which is more technically difficult.

This means longer distances, up to 200-250 km per day. It is not a competition, but riding and playing is the ideal, and a longer trajectory is being completed so there is more of a race like atmosphere that is meant to be fun and exciting. This group will stop less often, but will also work in cooperation with all members of the tour.



Extras Activities

There are a variety of extra activities which can include camel riding, swimming in fresh water pools, visiting oases, old forts and villages, massage, fossil exploration, and early morning walks into the dunes. As these activities are optional and generally more relaxed it is understood that participants will choose what is best for them at the time of the activity.



Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and sleeping arrangements are mostly luxurious. Almost all hotels have swimming pools, showers and bathrooms in the rooms and with bars and restaurants in the hotel compounds. Some also have saunas and spa factilities. The route does take us through some very isolated villages which will bring us in touch with a more rustic way of living and we normally plan one night sleeping in traditional beduin tents in a very isolated beautiful area. There are showers and toilet facility on site.


Experience Needed and Safety

Group I. Some experience with off-road riding is convenient but not necessary. This group will drive Toyota Land Cruisers. We spend a morning preparing all the drivers before heading out. With this basic instruction all riders have the necessary skills to enjoy themselves.

Group II. Some experience with motor riding is necessary. Drivers license older than 6 months or some off road experience will suffice. This group will ride KTM 400 and have an experienced guide to lead them and help them whenever necessary.

Group III. Much experience is needed and preferably some motor cross or Enduro experience as the level of fitness needed to go in this group is very high. This group will ride KTM 450 and be led by an experienced guide.


A physiotherapist trained in first aid with accompany the tour and good medical care is within reach.



Tours Support Staff

Groups have guides with 4x4's and a mechanic accompanies the tour for all technical support.

Staff is trained in First Aid for emergency matters and transportation to medical assistance is always near at hand.


Each group has hand held GPS devices for guidance and navigation.


A masseuse trained in physiotherapy is available for all aches and pains.




Jeep 4x4 pr.person € 2850 including hotels and food

Share Jeep, the price is1850 € pr.person, including

motorbike riders € 2,850 (including motor rental, hotels and food).

Excluding flight (aprx. € 300,- )

Protection gear can be rented for € 30, per day


What to bring

For all travelers: take some handy gear: a hat, sun glasses, a water bottle or waterbag, a warm jacket or sweater, strong shoes and plenty of clean shirts. Be aware of temperatures between 28-35 degrees Celsius in the day but the evening can be quite chilly.

Additionally for the motorbike riders: full protection gear (possible to rent for an extra fee).


In addition, adequate medical and travel insurance are advised and a car or bike license is necessary. Also bring a credit card for rental of vehicle. The vehicles are rented directly to the participants and each will have a contract to look over and sign.



-Unique combination between adventure, scenery, and luxurious festivities and relaxation.

-Long plains, off road, sand dunes, trails, river beds, ancient culture and incredible views.

-6 day, guided self drive tour through the moroccan sahara desert.



Exact itinerary

Day 0.  Oct 20th    Arrival and relaxation
Day 1.  Oct 21th    Preparation and 4x4 practice Ourazazate (Les Jardine hotel)
Day 2.  Oct 22th    Ouarzazate - Mahamid
Day 3.  Oct 23th    Mahamid - Merzouga Nasser Palace hotel
Day 4.  Oct 24th    Merzouga - dunes
Day 5.  Oct 25th    Merzouga - Erfoud
Day 6.  Oct 26th    Erfout - Midelt
Day 7.  Oct 27th    Midelt - Ifran
Day 8.  Oct 29th      Fes Airport - Home

We may have alternative route
Day 1. Ouarz-Chegaga
Day 2. Chegaga-Taliouine
Day 3. Taliouine-Taroudant
Day 4. Taroudant-Immouzer
Day 5. Immouzer-Essaouira
Day 6. Essaouira-Marrakech



For questions and information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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