If you are a fan of motor racing, you will pay attention to the bikes and the racers but also the race tracks. There are many famous race tracks in the world, which make fans watch without eye blinking, including Assen, Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and Brno.

1. Assen

Assen was launched in 1954. Originally, the reference track was a road course running through local villages and was changed to host the Dutch TT. Located in the Netherlands, the Assen bike trace was well-known for the nickname “The Cathedral.” It could receive about 100,000 audiences.

In 2006, the track was redesigned and transformed into the A-Style Assen TT Circuit. However, the completed road remained in the same place.

2. Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo

Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo is one of the most well-known bike tracks in Argentina. The road was built in 2007 and redesigned in 2012 based on the design of Italian circuit designer Jarno Zaffelli, with over 4.8 kilometers and 14 turns.

The bike track recorded possible results such as 1:43:961 with a Kalex bike at the Moto2 category during the Argentine motorcycle Grand Prix 2014.

3. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Since the establishment in 1991, the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya hosted the Spanish Grand Prix. With a length of over 4.65 kilometers, this track’s best lap record was 1:21:670, conducted by Kimi Räikkönen for Ferrari in 2008.

One of the famous motor races taking place on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was the competition between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo at the 2009 motorcycle Grand Prix. Italian professional motorcycle road racer Rossi won the race with an overtakes on the final corner.

4. Brno

Located in the Czech Republic, the Brno race track is famous thanks to what it offers to the spectators. This track can welcome about 250,000 fans watching motor races at one time. The circuit can keep the spectators wired with its fast corners, and the surrounding forest makes them relaxed and attractive for nature lovers.  

The most exciting fact of the Brno race track is that it has hosted Grand Prix competitions since 1930 since the participants were keen on the race through nearby villages.