The followings are three more extreme motorcycle races in the world.

5/ Erzberg Rodeo

Known as the “toughest enduro competition in the world,” Erzberg Rodeo attracts the participation of the best endure riders from the bottom of a huge quarry to the top of the “Iron Moutain.”

The riders only have four hours to finish the race, with the top one just making its across with minutes to spare.

The Erzberg Rodeo has developed year by year to increase the difficulties with each new section added. In 2015, all four leading riders had to help each other complete the last sector with the impassable hill. The event has made legendary riders such as David Knight and Tadeusz Błażusiak.

6/ La Bañeza road race

European nations have the luxury of space and high investment. Therefore, after World War II, they moved off the roads and designed special tracks.

It is not surprising that Spain has its every real road race. The event was held in a small archaic two of La Bañeza. It is madder than any races we see in the United Kingdom.

The event started in 1954 and has continued despite the inherent dangers. The racing only allows modern bikes limited to 125cc.

7/ Gold Cup Oliver’s Mount Scarborough

Oliver’s Mount is one of the most awesome tracks in the UK. However, not many people known of its existence. It is a natural road racing circuit above the famous coastal town of Scarborough. It is a very demanding track for riders who have to negotiate the tight Mere Hairpin and the ridiculously steep Quarry Hill.

The circuit held the first race in 1946 and has seen the champion of the world’s famous motor racers. Mike Hailwood, Carl Fogarty, and Giacomo Agostini all won races at Scarborough.