Top 10 motorcycle races in the world (Part 1)

If you’re interested in racing and even excited about it, you won’t be able to skip the following big event:

Monaco Grand Prix 

The Monaco Grand Prix was first contested in the narrow streets of Monte Carlo in 1929 (with a total length of 3,340 km). In a short time, it soon became the famous F1 race and gained the most media coverage. 

The racing aspect is that the whole circuit has no boundary, but just concrete walls or steel heels-something that is incredibly strong for the racers because of the criteria for precision power, driving abilities and adventure experience.

Along with the incredibly diverse high-altitude tracks, the highest speed of the Monaco racetrack lies in a tunnel that provides a very fascinating atmosphere not just for the racers, but also for the viewers.

Indy 500 (IndyCar) 

IndyCar 500-The event was named one of the three most prestigious races in the world for the first time in 1911

The race takes place every year at this iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Speedway, Indiana). Thanks to the very high average speed of the race cars. Especially candidates seeking to pass the qualifying round must be able to complete the test race at a speed of more than 354 km/h. 

Any race season, the riders will have to complete 500 miles for each race 2.5 miles long. The current speed record belongs to Arie Luyendyk with more than 385 km/h in 1996. An odd tradition of the Indy 500 is that the winner usually kisses the finish line and then gets a free bottle of milk. Recently, the Indy 500 race has also inspired the creation of the Turbo animated film.

24 Hours of Le Mans 

This is the oldest car race in the world organized annually by the Motor Club de L’Ouest (ACO) on the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans (France) since 1923. The explanation is 24 Hours because the teams have to work constantly for 24 hours, and each team has just 3 racers, each racer for at least 2 hours before changing the driver. 

The tournament itself involves several different race levels and certain performance requirements. The race track also contains a special track and a standard lane. Producers themselves consider Le Mans to be one of the openings to highlight its craft prowess.

Top-quality motorcycle racing in the world

In addition to cars, motorbikes or motorcycles, which are typical modes of travel, there are also automobiles, such as motorbikes, which are used in traffic. Read about the best quality motorbike racing in the world along the post. 

While not very common, the broad displacement of motorbike racing still has a certain foothold on the industry with a high volume of consumption. Since moto racing is chosen not to be used solely as a means of travel, but to fulfill the desire for speed, the passion for gathering car users. That’s why motorcycle racing is mostly used for long-distance runs or speed races, so that drivers can appreciate the sense of adventure on any lane. 

Well-known automotive makers have introduced premium race cars to satisfy this demand. 

This article would present the best-in-class race cars in the world


Ducati is a very common brand of motorcycles in Vietnam. This is a motorcycle company from Italy, specialized in the design and production of high-performance high-performance bikes. Since its inception as a maker of vacuum tubes and radio equipment, Ducati has turned itself into a world-famous brand of motorcycles.


Kawasaki is a Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine brand belonging to the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group. Similar to Ducati, Kawasaki’s predecessor was a shipyard specialized in the construction of steel ships across the sea, and it took more than 50 years for Kawasaki to turn to the motorcycle industry. To date, Kawasaki has a history of more than 60 years in the production and manufacture of motorcycles.


Yamaha is a name that many people know so well. Since this is a name familiar to a lot of motorcycles. And for speed enthusiasts, it’s not too strange for Yamaha’s bikes. Yamaha motorcycles all have quite a pit configuration with powerful engines. That’s why men are particularly famous.

What’s remarkable about the Honda CBR250RR used in ARRC Asian motorcycle racing?

The racing version of CBR250RR is 15 kg lighter and 9 hp more powerful than the commercial version. For every 6,000 km of operation, the internal components of the engine will be withdrawn and replaced.

In the picture is the very rare Honda CBR250RR, which is totally different from the CBR250RRs available on the market. This is the CBR250RR racing version used by the Vietnamese Cao racer in the Asian ARRC motorcycle rally.

Unlike the commercial variant, the CBR250RR racing version is fitted with a pair of shock absorbers prior to the return journey from the popular Showa company. Unlike the shock absorbers used on regular roads, the shock absorbers for race cars are always stiffer but also ensure the grip of the vehicle.

Unlike the commercial variant, the CBR250RR racing version is fitted with a pair of shock absorbers prior to the return journey from the popular Showa company. Unlike the shock absorbers used on regular roads, the shock absorbers for race cars are always stiffer but also ensure the grip of the vehicle.

With the improvements described above the capability of the car is improved by around 9 horsepower compared to the commercial variant CBR250RR. Commercial version output is just 38.7 hp at 12,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 23.3 Nm at 11,000 rpm.

The rider’s saddle has a fairly basic frame with a sponge fastened by two screws

As a racing car, the efficiency of the vehicle does not give priority to driver comfort. Since it is a race car, the internal components of the engine are constantly maintained and tested, and on average every 6,000 km the parts in the engine will be withdrawn and replaced. The CBR250RR is up to 15 kg lighter than the passenger car (at 153 kg).

The income of the top riders MotoGP

In addition, MotoGP is also considered an unsafe sport. But in exchange, MotoGP riders have a not so poor” salary, but there is a major gap depending on each individual’s skill and level of success. 

Here’s a list of the most successful MotoGP riders this year:

Colin Edward 

The “oldest” racer of this MotoGP is worth USD 950 thousand a year. Colin Edward said 2014 was going to be the last MotoGP season of his career.

Andrea Dovizioso

Wearing a red jersey with a GP14 Desmosedici sports car, Dovizioso receives $1 million a year. This number seems to be very limited relative to what he contributed to the Ducati team. When the deal expires at the end of the season this year, Ducati will surely have to give Dovizioso a more lucrative wage.

Cal Crutchlow

In 2012, Cal Crutchlow transferred from Herve Poncharal’s Yamaha Tech3 racing team to Ducati, receiving $1.2 million a year. However what he did during the 2014 MotoGP season was bad. Accidents, as well as technical reasons, made him leave running several times early.

Alvaro Bautista

He earns a salary of $1.4 million per year. But the future of this racer in GO & FUN Honda Gresini seems unclear.

Stefan Bradl

In 2014, he received $1.7 million. Like Bautista, the future of Stefan Bradl is also not clear. 

It has been recorded that the German racer will turn to Audi’s shirt (the Ducati-owned racing team).

Nicky Hayden

He was the 2006 champion while playing for Ducati, and is currently playing for the Drive M7 Aspar unit. 

The British driver was paid $4 million to Drive M7 Aspar. The shortcomings of the Drive M7 Aspar team racing car made Nickey Hayden’s success frustrating this season.

Valentino Rossi 

Rossi has won the MotoGP 9 times

According to Sports Illustrated Magazine, his current earnings are USD 12 million a year of salary and USD 10 million from Yamaha using his profile to promote the brand. 

In 2007, Rossi’s revenue amounted to USD 35 million. He has also recently signed a contract to stay wearing the Yamaha racing team for the next two years, with a wage that is projected to be no less than 2014.

Motogp racing and everything you need to know

MotoGP TM racing is regarded as the world ‘s largest two-wheel sports racing scheme that takes place every year in a large number of countries around the world. The most experienced racers from various countries enter the competition armed with the new motorcycle technology-prototype machines developed by manufacturers including Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM.

Background of the MotoGP race 

MotoGP TM was known as the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) Global Championship in 1949. 

It is the oldest motorsport championship in the world that contains three additional modes

On the circuit of a traditional Grand Prix (race) weekend. Previously MotoGP was required to compete in top form with a capability of 500cc, the championship underwent a significant reform in 2002, with revised technical rules enabling manufacturers to use four-wheelers. And increased engine power to 990cc, becoming MotoGP TM.

The Week of Grand Prix 

At the end of the Grand Prix Week, there is a main race in each of the three divisions of MotoGP TM: 

Moto3 TM-The four-cylinder, 250cc single-cylinder variant succeeded the 125cc GP in 2012. The optimal age for riders is 28 (25 for freelancers or entrants to contract and play for the first time in Moto3) and the minimum age is 16, unless the driver is the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 TM World Youth Championship Winner, in which case they could be younger.

Moto2 TM-The Moto2 TM class has replaced the 250cc class since 2010. Honda is the only maker of the engine, and Dunlop includes the tyres. The bikes were offered with a 600cc 4-stroke engine that produced about 140 horsepower, but the nature and layout of the frame was free from the restrictions of the FIM Grand Prix Specification. The main frame, swing arm, fuel tank, saddle and vehicle bodywork of a motorcycle that is not a concept (i.e. mass production similarity) are not expected to be used.

The Secrets of MotoGP racing

MotoGP race cars are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment that industrial vehicles never use. Thanks to this, speed machines with “extraordinary” capacity will achieve speeds of up to 340 km / h.

One of the oldest sports

The MotoGP-Grand Prix race was born in the Isle of Man race between England and Ireland. To date, MotoGP is the oldest and biggest motorcycle racing series in the world. 

There are 18 races organized around the world every year

Currently, MotoGP racing has three major divisions, including Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. In specific, Moto3 is for cars with 250cc engines with a gross fuel weight of 65 kg; Moto2 is for 4-stroke 600cc; MotoGP is for 1,000cc vehicles.

Leading the sport of sprint

Among the four “big names” of the MotoGP tournament are three Japanese brands, including Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, and Ducati from Italy. The sum of money to keep racing teams going each year is always up to USD tens of millions, and Honda alone costs up to USD 100 million in one year.

Technology in state-of-the-art 

The MotoGP racing engine must be assembled in compliance with FIM requirements. MotoGP cars are fitted with a 1,000 cc engine capable of generating up to 240 horsepower, and can exceed a threshold of 17,000 rpm. There is a strength that can not be accomplished by commercial vehicles.

In addition, MotoGP cars are fitted with unique advanced technology, including three technologies: pneumatic valve springs, seamless gearboxes and brakes.

The “kings” in this race all use the pneumatic valve spring technology to open and shut the valves for their engines, since traditional metal valves are not capable of adjusting to rapid and reliable speeds. A MotoGP car engine has a compressed air chamber with a plunger that directs the recovery of compressed air from which the valve is opened and closed. This pneumatic spring can work 140 times per second, particularly on the YZR-M1.

Greatest Motor Races Worldwide

Motor racing is one of the most famous sports in the world, with hundreds of tournaments held every year. Here are some of the greatest motor races worldwide.

1/ Monte Carlo Rally

The Monte Carlo Rally or Rallye Monte Carlo was launched in 1911. Now, the rallying event is organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco from the French Riviera in Monaco to the southeast region of France each year. 

The event features some of the most well-known stages worldwide, running from La Bollène-Vésubie to Sospel. The 31-kilometer route passes over the Col de Turini, a mountain passing an ice and/ or snow road sections. 

2/ Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Launched in 1916, Pikes Peak Hill Climb is the second oldest motor race in the United States. The race includes a 12.42-mile course with 156 turns. It begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,115-foot summit of America’s Mountain named Pikes Peak.

There is no other motor racecourse in the world like The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which attracts many race crews to spend several hundred thousands of dollars and months of preparations to finish the King of the Mountain. Racers must have an incredible amount of focus and sheer guts to conquer the event. 

3/ Isle Of Man TT

Isle Of Man TT is a motor race with over 100 years of history. The event is suitable for thrill-seekers every summer. 

If you want to conquer the pinnacle of motor racing and are not afraid the death in the eyes, this is the race for you.

4/ 24 Hours Of Nurburgring

24 Hours of Nurburgring is an annual motor tour, and endurance racing event held on the Nordschleife of central Nürburgring locality of Germany. Launched in 1970, the 25-kilometer race allows over 200 cars and more than 700 drivers to participate in each year.

Famous MotoGP Riders of All Time (P2)

5/ Mike Hailwood (Four world titles in 1962-1965)

Mike Hailwood, known as Mike the Bike, worked in his family’s motor dealership before taking part in the race for Honda and MV Augusta. He won four consecutive world championships in 1962-1965 and also 14 TT races. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car crash in 1981, along with his nine-year-old daughter.

6/ John Surtees (Four world titles in 1956, 1958-1960)

He was spoken highly of by his rivals for being the only racer to win the world championships in motor and car racing. He raced for Norton and MV Augusta before racing for F1 teams, including Ferrari and Lotus, with a victory in 1964. He passed away in 2017.

7/ Eddie Lawson (Four world titles in 1984, 1986, 1988-1989)

Eddie Lawson achieved three titles for the Agostini Yamaha team during the six years in a tournament dominated by tobacco company sponsorship. He gained his last title in 1989 after a switch to Honda. He retired from his racing career with Italian manufacturer Cagiva in the early 1990s.

8/ Kenny Roberts (Three world titles in 1978-1980)

Kenny Roberts defeated his great rival Barry Sheene, to win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1979 before the following two world titles. His son named Kenny Roberts Jnr, achieved the world title in 2000.

9/ Casey Stoner (Two world titles in 2007 and 2011)

As a great rival to Rossi, Casey Stoner gained what his long-time competitor could not do by winning the MotoGP title with Ducati in 2007. Overcoming health problems, he returned to Honda race in 2011 and earned the Australian second world crown.

10/ Jorge Lorenzo (Three world titles in 2010, 2012, 2015)

Jorge Lorenzo had three premier class world titles in 2010, 2012, and 2015. However, the disastrous period with Ducati in 2017-2018 blurred his achievements. He has returned to the Yamaha race this year as a test rider after his retirement.

Famous MotoGP Riders of All Time (P1)

MotoGP is one of the world’s famous motor racing tournaments, which generates many skilled riders. Here is a list of the most famous riders to participate in the tournament.

1/Giacomo Agostini (Eight world titles in 1966-1972, 1975)

Giacomo Agostini dominated the world’s motor racing sector for 13 consecutive years. He has won eight premier class titles and seven ones in the 250 cc class. Besides, Mr. Agostini achieved the championships in ten races at the Isle of Man TT.

However, after the death of his close friend at the 1972 TT, he led a boycott which made this event be dropped from the world championship five years later.

Being a motor racing winner at Daytona, Mr. Agostini has competed in 23 F1 GPs so far.

2/Valentino Rossi (Seven world titles in 2001-2005, 2008-2009)

As one of the most popular motor racers of all time, Valentino Rossi is considered as a hero by the world’s fans. He had become a MotoGP title winner with Yamaha and Honda. However, he then failed to achieve continuous success during the seasons with Italian manufacturer Ducati.

Rossi was also interested in business by providing merchandise for most of riders on the MotoGP grid. Besides, he was an owner of his hometown pizza restaurant.

3/ Marc Marquez (Six world titles 2013-2014, 2016-2019)

Marc Marquez started his successful motor racing career after arriving like a wind in the 2013 MotoGP. He won the world titles twice in 2013 and 2014 and four consecutive championship from 2016.

The diminutive Spaniard had a new riding style that all of his competitors have wanted to copy. He began the 2020 season with his teammate Alex, his younger brother, at Repsol Honda.

4/ Mick Doohan (Five world titles in 1994-1998)

Mick Doohan raced for Honda for eleven years from 1989 and dominated the motor racing event for five consecutive years in the middle to late 1980s.

However, after his retirement, he was unsuccessful in crashing on his F1 test.

When and Where to Watch Motor Race Series (P2)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you cannot go to the motor racetrack. However, you can watch the motor racing events on the TV. Here are some of the motor race series you must wait for.

3/Endurance and touring cars


Le Mans, the biggest race of the year, has been delayed to September 2020. The event would take place from September 12 to September 20, with the race over the final double days. You can watch it on Eurosport in the UK.


The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) was kicked off at Donnington Park in August. The motor race will take place until November 11 with the final race at Brands Hatch. You can watch on ITV in the UK.


DTM is a Germany’s motor race equivalent to the BTCC. Sometimes, it is held in Belgium and the Netherlands. This year, the first DTM race was organized at Spa-Francorchamps in August. The final race will take place at the Hockenheimring on November 16. You can watch BT Sport.


The American stock car race has been taking place all year. The NASCAR will continue until November 16. You can watch the series via Premier Sports in the UK.


Instead of Lamborghinis or Ferraris, the Australian Supercars series features good old fashioned Holden and Ford saloons. The event opened on February 20 and will close on December 11. You can watch an official SuperView app as it is not on the TV.



The World Rally Championship (WRC) had to be suspended after three first events. It was projected to resume in September. The final session of the race will take place in Japan on November 19. The race is available on the official WRC website. You can watch the WRC’s highlights on ITV.

World Rallycross

The World Rallycross was kicked off in Sweden in late August. The event will run until December 11 with the final race at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. This event is broadcast on BT Sport in the UK.